PlasmaTech Demonstrates Wireless Success in Major Apparel Factory in China

PlasmaTech, a wireless technology innovator providing solutions to the US$120 billion global security market, issued a case study demonstrating the successful deployment of its newly acquired Virtual Communications Port/232 IP system (VCP). The VCP was deployed by a North American sports apparel designer manufacturing in China.

The client needed a faster, less cumbersome method for communicating design changes from its Canadian office to its computerized numeric control (CNC) weaving machines in China. Previous operational methods required submitting changes over the Internet to China, then manually transferring the changes to a disk that was manually installed on each machine. With more than 375 machines running simultaneously, the company's VCP technology was adapted to solve these inefficiencies.

With the addition of a small OEM Ethernet control device to the company's VCP technology, the requirements for an Ethernet connection to the client's computerized weaving machines were met. The VCP system enabled the client to select one of 375 IP addresses, each linked to a weaving machine, and wirelessly access a particular machine via a secure wireless connection. The client was able to not only download a program to the machine, but remotely activate the CNC to watch and monitor a prototype weave in real-time.

By enabling bidirectional wireless communication from design office to the factory floor, PlasmaTech's newly acquired technology added value to the supply chain, increasing cost-efficiencies and minimizing errors. “Such benefits can directly add to the bottom line, enhancing profit potential and increasing production capacity for any number of industries. We look forward to capitalizing on these market opportunities in 2010,” said PlasmaTech President Marvin Williams.
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