Chinese Top 10 Brands Report

Chinese Top 10 Brands Report

A&S Chinese Top 10 Award has been hosted for its sixth year. The prize awards manufacturers dedicated to providing better quality and service. The ultimate goal is to strengthen Chinese manufacturing capability, raise it to international standards and revolutionize the Made-in-China label.

After accession to the World Trade Organization, China has had to open its market. This has also pushed domestic players to improve quality to face international competition. A&S Group has hosted Chinese Top 10 Awards from 2004 to provide an integrated image of Made-in-China to international buyers.

From 2009 awardees, there are many of the winners are awarded this prize for six years consecutively, which exemplifies the stable and mature development of many Chinese enterprises.

Today, professional buyers from other parts of the world look forward to understanding Chinese industry and manufacturers for the possibility of future partnership. This is what A&S Chinese Top10 Brand award creates for, while helping Chinese industry jump start technological innovation, improve product quality and commercialize development.

How We Rank
A&S has been conducting "Chinese Top 10 Brands" for six years. In 2009, we shifted through tons of survey replied and came up with a list of A&S Chinese Top Brands giving the reader a view of how Chinese brands were really weighted in local channel players' mind. Major objectives for us to conduct the survey were to enhance the awareness of brand management, to advance the recognition of brand value in China, to acknowledge trustworthy market suppliers and to promote Chinese brands domestically and internationally.

To complete the task, A&S Sent out the survey forms to readers and subscribers in China via A&S China, Installer and Web site. Additionally, visitors were allowed to vote on-line. 2259 valid votes are 92 percent from system integrators and 8 percent from end users.

Foreign security players might not have the same advantages as they did in 1990s. With advanced technology, foreign companies can easily to sell their products in China. However, the bigger Chinese market brings the fiercer competition, making foreign players have to shift their manufacturing to China and design more local oriented products.

Meanwhile, more and more foreign players even sell their made-in-china products to other parts of world to leverage company's benefits.

Enormous market and global manufacturing center have made Chinese security players develop stronger. In many fields, such as DVR, Access Control, Intercom and Fiber optic products, Chinese brands are at a dominant place in China.

Besides, A&S editorial team found out that in some areas, for example, intelligent, many of suppliers dedicate to develop their own algorithm, especially for specific application purpose.

On top of that, Chinese has put great investment in IC Chip design and manufacturing to provide a solid foundation to the industry growth. This will be a key factor to allow Chinese security products in mass production. Besides, with more IT and telecom integrators and experience, it enhances Chinese suppliers' ability of integration. Some big Chinese players even shift to provide a total solution to customers. This change would make Chinese players upgrade their enterprise and concepts to a wider view in security industry.

Two Qualities
Since manufacturing ability has been recognized after years' dedications, Chinese suppliers would focus on another quality issue — business quality. Branding represents a company including product stability, company value, service, technical support and more. There is still a long way that Chinese suppliers have to learn.

Generally speaking, the total satisfaction had a significant increase from last two year. In order to provide timely service and enhance business quality with partners, many Chinese companies have different approaches to catch up with Taiwanese and Korean players. For example, Hikvision has set up their overseas branch in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We hope A&S Chinese Top 10 Brands and A&S China Best Buys can provide some reference to your future purchase and doing business with Chinese manufacturers.

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