IDTECK Access Control Secures Turkish Government Building

  • Location: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey; Ankara, Turkey

  • Products Used
  • iTDC Access Control Panels (100 Units)
  • RF10 125KHz Proximity Card Readers (340 Units)
  • RFK101 PIN & Proximity Card Readers (40 Units)
  • FGR006 Fingerprint Recognition Readers (12 Units)
  • RF245 2.45GHz Long Range Readers (11 Units)
  • IDA245 2.45GHz Long Range Active Cards (1,000 Pcs.)
  • IDC80 PSK Format Proximity Cards (3,000 Pcs.)
  • STARWATCH iTDC PRO II Management S/W

  • Application: Building-wide access control system

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey is a central government institution located in Ankara, Turkey's capital and the second largest city after Istanbul. The ministry manages foreign affairs of Turkey, conducting consular business and foreign relations with international community. More than 3,000 staff and visitors, and 1,000 vehicles pass through the ministry building daily. It generates more than 20,000 transactions each day.

Due to the distinctive nature of the ministry building, it required a one-of-kind security solution. It called for an access control system capable of managing a large number of users, as well as top-of-the-line security features to protect people and assets of international importance. The ministry needed a security solution to increase building protection and prevent misfortunate events.

Optimum Guvenlik, IDTECK's executive distributor in Turkey, provided an exclusive security solution to fulfill the needs of the ministry building. To secure all the entrance and exit points, 340 RF10 125KHz Proximity Card Readers were installed on all the doors, including the crypto rooms. For areas where higher security is required, the RFK101 PIN and Proximity Card Readers were deployed to regulate unauthorized users and visitors from entering the area. A total of 40 RFK101 readers were installed in the building.

For the 12 ministry department entry points, limited for official personnel and VIPs only, the Fingerprint Recognition Proximity Reader FINGER006 provided the highest level of security. The device identifies fingerprint biometric information as well as PINs and proximity cards. All readers are connected to 100 iTDCs, Intelligent Multi Door Access Control Panels, offering stable system management. The iTDC PRO II access control software was installed to monitor all the access events. Outside of the ministry building, the RF245 long-range proximity reader was used for vehicular access control of all vehicles coming in and out of the parking lot.

The IDTECK security solution provided a greater sense of safety and security for the ministry building. The ministry achieved a stable access control system for strategic entry/exit points and exclusive areas. It is secured and provided with reports of all events.

The administrators of the ministry building are satisfied with the newly deployed security system. Orkan Aktu, CEO of Optimum Guvenlik in Turkey, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey was complimented by foreign visitors for its great security. The IDTECK solution solidified the ministry's reputation for one of the most tightly secured buildings in Turkey.
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