US Northeastern Hospital Chain to Deploy Defentect Radiation Threat Detection

Defentect announced an US$80,000 contract for its proprietary CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive) management, monitoring and messaging software platform. Defentect's DM3 and Gammatect radiation detection solution is to be installed in a major medical facility in the Northeastern U.S. This is the first installation for this hospital family with eight locations.

Jim Ackerly, CEO of Defentect's parent company, Splinternet Holdings, said, “This contract underscores Defentect's position as the efficient, cost-effective choice for medical facilities grappling with the need for advanced perimeter detection systems. Our solution is configured to monitor for the arrival of radiologically contaminated patients, whether from accidental exposure or planned terrorist attack. Also, we detect radiological materials that are intended for use in patient therapies if they are removed improperly. This has major implications for first responders, patients, personnel and the general public.”

The IP-based system and sensor installation enables real-time isotope identification and can be set to ignore medical or benign environmental isotopes, preventing innocent positives. When threat-level alerts are triggered, Defentect's DM3 sends information to hospital responders' cell phones, pagers, PDAs and to existing access control and surveillance security systems.

Defentect completed an extensive test installation with Washington Hospital Center earlier this year which led to a full deployment, currently underway. “With the success of the Washington project and our new relationship with this group of facilities, we feel that Defentect is well on its way to becoming a leader in the safety and security industry,” Ackerly said.
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