VIVOTEK Wins NT$1.3 Billion Taipei City Surveillance Project

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with system integrator MiTAC to help the Taipei city government create a safer, more pleasant environment by installing comprehensive IP surveillance systems throughout the city. More than 10,000 points across Taipei City will be covered, including the Taipei City Police Department, police precincts, and local police stations.

The large-scale upgrade is aimed at further enhancing the police department's efficiency in city surveillance, which in the past was performed via an analog video surveillance system. Due to poor image quality and limitations in the local infrastructure preventing large-scale expansion and remote access of data, the results of the CCTV system failed to live up to the government's expectations. Additionally, storage of analog data has been costly and difficult to maintain. Eyeing the outstanding expansion flexibility and image quality afforded by digital surveillance, the government decided to upgrade the system with advanced megapixel network cameras and video servers.

VIVOTEK's 1-channel, H.264 video server VS8101 will play a key role in this project to work side-by-side with the existing analog system. Signals digitized via the VS8101 will be able to be accessed remotely and stored in high-capacity digital devices. With next-generation H.264 compressions, which reduces image file sizes by 90 percent, it makes transmission and storage of data more efficient, especially for megapixel camera feeds.

The movement towards digitization will enable the police to keep an eye on the city from any location at all times. The improved image quality of the VS8101 will help identify key features of an object, such as a vehicle license plate, more accurately. It can also detect objects left behind and vehicle moving direction while calculating the number of people and vehicles. Video streams can also be transmitted to remote police stations at the same time over the Internet to facilitate crime prevention and case investigations.

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