VIVOTEK Watches Over School District in Virginia

Wise County, located near the coal fields of southwestern Virginia, bills itself as “The Safest Place on Earth.” With security as a top priority, the school district needed to make sure that it was well-protected with the selection of an appropriate surveillance system. Considering the unique requirements of each campus and evaluating several vendors, the schools entrusted the crucial task to VIVOTEK, a provider of IP surveillance. Together with distribution partners United Digital Technologies and Inter-Pacific and the Video Insight software platform, VIVOTEK helped bring Wise County schools to the forefront of IP surveillance.

Surveillance coverage at Wise Country public schools previously relied on analog cameras for its 17 campuses serving more than 7,000 students. Seeing the need to upgrade security equipment to provide a safer learning environment and deter crime, Wise County public schools selected VIVOTEK network cameras for their price- performance ratio. A mix of 25 IP7142 outdoor bullet cameras, 50 FD7131 indoor dome cameras and 50 IP7131 indoor fixed cameras were installed across 15 of the 17 public schools in the district, ranging from elementary to high schools.

In the parking lot areas, IP7142 cameras were deployed. They feature wide dynamic range, IR cut filter and IR illuminators, which enable the camera to cope with demanding lighting conditions. The IP66-rated housings offer protection against rain and dust, ensuring stable operation performance in harsh weather conditions.

The FD7131s and IP7131s were installed indoors in as hallways and building entrances. The dome cameras easily blend in with the school buildings, reducing the unease of students and faculty. PIR sensors detect unauthorized access immediately, giving the campus an additional layer of security. Additionally, the PoE functionality of the cameras saves the school managers a great deal of extra work in dealing with cable management.

VIVOTEK network cameras have outperformed the previous analog system for convenience, coverage and image quality. Installed in August 2009, the enhanced security also brings peace of mind to students and school administrators.

“VIVOTEK's cameras have already helped us resolve campus issues and represent a great investment in security in our public schools,” said Gary Lawson, Director of Surveillance and Fiber Optic Systems at Wise County Public Schools.
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