Geutebruck Named No. 1 in EMEA for Boxed NVRs

Geutebruck, a security manufacturer of 40 years standing and an early adopter of digital technology, was named No. 1 for boxed NVRs in EMEA by IMS Research. "The EMEA Market for CCTV & Video Surveillance Equipment – 2009 Edition" found Geutebruck to be the market leader for boxed NVRs, having more than double the share of its nearest rival. The company was also listed among the top 10 suppliers of open platform network video management software in EMEA.
A German family-owned company, Geutebruck produces customized video security systems with open architecture which enable smooth, cost-effective analog-to-digital-to-IP transition. It sees itself as qualified to offer customers objective advice on all available technologies. MD Katharina Geutebrück said, “The GeViScope-IP/SE, Geutebruck's high-end NVR, has been able to take the lion's share of the enterprise class NVR market in EMEA because of its high performance and flexibility, which enable users to make significant savings in security processing and other areas.”
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