Stretch S6000 Processors Power Agilence Network Video Recorder

Stretch S6000 Processors Power Agilence Network Video Recorder
Stretch, a provider of software configurable processors, announced Agilence, a provider of retail loss prevention solutions, selected the Stretch S6000 family processors to power its Hawkeye PoS Video Auditing Solution.

Agilence's patented item-level synchronization software, Hawkeye, pulls data directly from the point-of-sale system and marries the data with video in real-time. The data for each individual item scan and key punch is perfectly linked to its associated video image. The solution helps retailers expose the "hidden shrink" that often occurs at the PoS. Stretch S6000 processors, designed for compute intensive applications, will be designed into the Agilence NVR, an integral product in its PoS systems solutions.

"Stretch provides complete products — processors, reference designs and software — making it easy to design in the Stretch solutions," stated Derek Rodner, Agilence VP of Product Strategy. "The S6000 devices delivered the performance and flexibility we needed to create the most advanced NVRs, an integral part of our video auditing systems."

"It is exciting to support Agilence and their industry-leading PoS video auditing solutions," said Bob Beachler, Stretch VP of Marketing, Operations and Systems Design. "Since announcing our S6000 devices in 2007, we've seen tremendous worldwide adoption of our processors, add-in cards and software by many leading surveillance companies."
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