Safeguard Expands Services to Canada

Safeguard Security Holdings, a provider of corporate, industrial and residential security solutions, announced it will begin services in Canada on Jan. 1, 2010.

Premier Background Search (PBS), Safeguard's SEARCHglobal partnership, will offer services to its Canadian neighbors beginning January 1, 2010. The PBS sales unit, which focuses on background checks for consumer and commercial clients, has been requested to provide services to its clients in Canada.

“The international markets have significant business opportunities for us,” states Bill Rathburn, spokesman for PBS. Rathburn added, “We are working on several opportunities that should increase PBS' revenue significantly.”

R. Michael Lagow, CEO for Safeguard, stated, “This expansion is within our overall strategic business plan for 2010, and we are excited about the growth of our business there. Both of our neighboring countries are in vital need of background checks as a security resource for conducting daily business. Background checks are essential for the international business community.”

Lagow added, “The opening of our office in Calgary will be the first entrance into the international security market for us. Our newly designed websites will reflect the Canadian office contact information and business location. We anticipate that the Canadian market will add approximately $1 million U.S. annually in extra revenue to the Safeguard business unit.”

Lagow stated, “As we grow the Canadian market, we will expand the Canadian resources based on the overall revenue of the business unit.”
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