Iron Sky Partners with Safe City

Iron Sky will offer financial contributions, technical solutions, equipment donations and ongoing program support to the safe city program, communities and law enforcement agencies

Iron Sky, a provider of physical security solutions such as video surveillance to public sector and law enforcement clients, was selected by Safe City as a corporate partner. Safe City is a community-based initiative that leverages partnerships and technology to help communities and businesses reduce crime and create an environment where people feel safe and secure.

“We are thrilled to be selected as a Safe City Corporate Partner,” said Keith Drummond, Iron Sky President and CEO. “Safe City's efforts to reduce crime and create safer communities are a perfect fit for Iron Sky and our mission to provide ‘Better Tools to Fight Crime.'”

Safe City unites law enforcement, businesses, residents and city officials through a project intended to maximize safeness and minimize theft and other crimes in communities. By uniting these groups in a plan to reduce crime and build awareness, they can help communities create safer areas to live, work and shop. The key building blocks to success are partnerships and technical solutions.

“Our ability to deliver solutions, such as video surveillance, that help reduce crime in communities was the deciding factor in our selection as a corporate partner,” said Scott Frigaard, Iron Sky VP of Sales. “Our applications, solutions, and experience are exactly what communities are looking for.”

Iron Sky's video surveillance solutions are customized for the needs of each community and allow law enforcement and emergency responders to observe video surveillance that is associated with building floor plans and street maps, making more informed decisions during emergencies. Iron Sky integrates other applications and information sources, such as license plate recognition and gunshot detection software in one graphics-driven interface.

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