VIVOTEK Strengthens Security at Chinese Gas Stations

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (CPCC), China's largest oil refinery, installed a surveillance system at its gas stations across the nation. Most of CPCC's gas stations are located outdoors and are likely to suffer from poor lighting conditions at night. The company demanded a system capable of coping with lighting changes to ensure clear images day and night.

Since gas stations face higher risk for fire and crime, the system had to provide highly detailed video to facilitate identification. Upon consulting with Poseidon Technology, VIVOTEK's distributor in China, CPCC decided to deploy the VIVOTEK IP7161 2MP day/night network cameras.

At each of the locations, the cameras were installed near cash registers and in the fuel dispensing areas where accidents and crimes are more likely to occur. Instead of installing a number of standard VGA cameras at each point, the company chose to use only a handful of IP7161s, as the cameras' 2-megapixel sensors offer a wide field of view and exceptional detail.

CPCC's concerns about inconsistent image quality at night were answered, as the camera's day and night functionality provided by its built-in IR-cut filter ensures image clarity 24-7. For efficient surveillance, CPCC installed VIVOTEK's 32-channel ST7501 Central Management Software. It gives managers centralized and remote management capabilities and streamlines administration work and costs.

The wide coverage and detail of the IP7161 camera images have improved security at each of the stations. Not only can managers receive smooth video streams for immediate and accurate identification, the high-resolution images also facilitate future case investigation. “VIVOTEK's cameras enable us to easily identify each vehicle's license plate number and track individual movement to detect threats in advance,” said a station manager. “Even if the vehicles or individuals are on the move, we can still make out features that might be otherwise obscure when using standard VGA cameras.”
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