New York Town Uses Axis Network Cameras for Highway Department Facility

Future plans include expanded use of network cameras within beach facilities, marina, parks and town buildings

Axis Communications, a provider in the network video market, announced the Town of Smithtown, New York, has deployed Axis network cameras in its Highway Department yard as a first step in modernizing its existing analog video surveillance capabilities.

Smithtown maintains a fleet of more than 200 vehicles, including cars, trucks and construction equipment at its Highway Department yard facility, an area larger than five football fields. Following in-depth meetings with the Town of Smithtown, Axis channel partner A+ Technology Solutions, which served as the integrator and installer, moved forward with the project.

A+ Technology Solutions set up a wireless, line-of-sight network to transmit the video from all cameras mounted in the yard to the main building's network. The system was designed to ensure both on-site and remote video viewing.

A+ Technology Solutions implemented AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras, utilizing their 18X optical zoom capabilities. The system provides video coverage of all locations within the Highway Department facility. AXIS 225FD Network Cameras were installed at multiple locations within the facility, including entrances, exits and the gas pump station, monitoring all incoming and outgoing activity. The network cameras were also selected because they have automatic day/night functionality, are vandal-resistant in an area that experiences heavy activity, and offer climate controlled housings.

A+ implemented IP Video Corporation's DynaView Video Management System. The system is a fully expandable recording solution that will accommodate additional cameras in the future. IP Video is an Axis Development Partner.

Prior to the network camera implementation, Smithtown's Highway Yard facility had an aging analog camera system, which offered poor image quality and minimal data storage capabilities. Because of the advanced capabilities of network cameras, the town is planning on upgrading other town sites, including three beach facilities, a marina area as well as several neighborhood parks and town buildings.

Lt. Thomas Grosse, Park Ranger Division supervisor for the Town of Smithtown's Department of Public Safety, said, “Axis network cameras provide a high degree of clarity, are simple to operate and provide tremendous performance for the price compared with analog solutions. Using the new video system, we can recognize human faces, license plates, etc. and store images for up to three months, should we need forensics at a later date.”

Lt. Grosse noted that the new network cameras also provide a strong deterrent to criminal activity and help to reduce unsafe conditions in the yard. For example, by monitoring the gas pump area, the department can identify breaches of proper safety procedures.

“We look forward to working with A+ and Smithtown in maintaining secure town facilities,” said Fredrik Nilsson, GM of Axis Communications. “Axis network cameras are ideal for the application because the high image quality and robust design make them suited for both indoor and outdoor environments in a variety of conditions.”
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