Synectics Wins Camera Contract for First Offshore Concrete LNG Terminal

Page Europa has recruited specialist hazardous area video surveillance manufacturer, Synectics Industrial Systems, to supply a comprehensive Ex CCTV system for the Adriatic LNG terminal, the first offshore concrete LNG terminal in the world.

The terminal, due to start production in 2008, will be operated by Adriatic LNG, an Italian company, owned by affiliates of Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Edison, and will secure Italy's increasing long-term energy.

The Synectics Ex CCTV installation will use the unique COEXTM FEPC (flame-proof environmental pendant camera) DROME. Developed as a simple and cost-effective solution for use within difficult monitoring environments, the FEPC DROME camera provides a fully functional integrated system, unitized within a single sealed enclosure. The 360-degree pan rotation (with optional continuous pan) together with a hyperbolic tilt action and wash/wipe options provide video system operators with a fast and responsive camera surveillance tool.

At less than 220mm diameter, the DROME's compact dimensions, combined with 1000 tilt action, enable the camera to be installed where space is at a premium, providing Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil with an economical and high performance video surveillance system.

Easy to install and simple to maintain, every DROME camera station is factory tested and pre-configured, making it the first “plug and play” packaged security camera system designed specifically for hazardous area applications, saving valuable installation time at the busy LNG Terminal. Supporting the camera, its operator interface provides a practical and powerful solution that maximizes operational performance and system control — providing full remote setup, with onscreen menus for programmable camera settings.

Selected parts of the process at the LNG Terminal are covered by COEXTM Ex thermal imaging cameras. The FECH3 TriMode (flame-proof environment camera housing) camera station will be used for observation in areas where conventional CCTV cameras may struggle to capture useable images, such as complete darkness, and dense smoke or fog. Equipped with a window allowing spectral transmission from 1 to 14 microns, the FECH 3 TriMode camera station equipped with a state-of-the-art long wave-length infrared camera, which uses the latest microbolometer technology, while a vast range of optional fixed lenses are available to allow for maximum scene coverage, wherever the camera is situated.

The COEXTM FECH3 TriMode camera station has multiple capabilities as it comprises of a color/mono camera and a microbolometer thermal imager. This camera station was chosen as it provides complete surveillance under any conditions. The color camera will monitor the required areas during daytime, switching to black/white mode during dusk and the thermal camera will be activated for night-time monitoring.

COEXTM Crane camera stations were also provided as part of this installation.

The images provided by the security cameras will be transmitted to an onboard control room via an IP system, allowing the cameras to be remotely interrogated at any time via the organization's existing computer network.

Paul Webb, MD of Synectics Industrial System, said, “This extensive project is an excellent illustration of how our varied portfolio of specialist products and extensive industry expertise can be combined to provide customers with a high-performance, effective and economical Ex CCTV installation.”
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