VIVOTEK: Thriving with Comprehensive Solutions and Better Services

VIVOTEK: Thriving with Comprehensive Solutions and Better Services

VIVOTEK, a Taiwanese supplier of high-quality network surveillance solutions, expands its product line with technology and service.

With strong hardware, software and technical know-how, VIVOTEK develops network speed domes and H.264 megapixel cameras. Founded in 2000, the company offers a range of IP video products including network cameras, video servers/ receivers, NVRs and video management software. "Quality is our priority," said Owen Chen, Chairman of VIVOTEK.

The company's R&D investment makes up 8 to 9 percent of its overall budget. VIVOTEK actively expands its product line to offer customers complete solutions. "Other than doing our own image/optical integration and develop multimedia SoC, we are also making our software more comprehensive," Chen said.

Market Strategy
The global financial crisis has affected markets worldwide. While a stronger impact was seen in the company's US and European markets, emerging regions such as South America and Asia were hurt less. "From this year on, we will put a stronger emphasis on different regional high-end markets with solutions catering to system integrators," Chen said. Transportation and public safety will be the company's main verticals.

While stronger Chinese companies may increase the company's competition, brand image is VIVOTEK's strength. "We offer high-quality products and good services to satisfy the needs of our customers," Chen said. Sales for the company's branded products increased this year, making up 60 percent of sales revenue, with the remaining 40 percent from OEM/ODM sales. For 2009, the company's brand business revenue continues to grow.

Apart from its high-end market strategy, VIVOTEK also offers midrange products to satisfy needs in developing countries. "In order to better penetrate these markets, we are lowering prices for mature products and evaluating price-performance for new products," said Chen. "We see that China and India hold high market potential for IP-based systems."

Future Outlook
To increase product compatibility with different industry standards, VIVOTEK is a member of the ONVIF and PSIA. Apart from participating in security organizations, forming close relationships with partners and customers is also important. "Effectively interacting with the market is crucial to understanding customers' needs," Chen said. VIVOTEK works with telecommunication companies to understand different user requirements.

With a focus on IP-based solutions, market education is important for the company. VIVOTEK hosts IP training around the world for system integrators. In 2010, the company's R&D development and marketing promotion will focus on a full line of megapixel cameras, mini fixed domes for the transportation segment and video server projects for city surveillance installations. The company will strengthen its position in established markets and expand further into newly emerging markets.

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