Synectics Watches Out for Algerian Gas Fields

Petrofac E&C International chose Synectics to provide the video surveillance expansion solution based on its extensive knowledge and experience of the In Salah Site and existing video system on-site.

Synectics will provide a large quantity of additional cameras and control equipment expanding the video network to a total of 127 camera stations throughout the Reg, Teg and Krechba sites. This video expansion will provide surveillance for the additional field compression facilities at each of these sites, ensuring In Salah can maintain plateau production rates of 9 billion cubic meters per year beyond 2009.

Previous Upgrades
Synectics Industrial Systems has a successful partnership with the BP joint venture group operating the In Salah, In Amenas and Hassi R'Mel gas fields. Previous video installations were completed and delivered in 2003, with additional video perimeter and control systems provided in 2007.

Thanks to the quality and robustness of the COEXTM camera stations already in place at these sites, In Salah Gas requested Synectics upgrade all the control stations for this large gas field to DVR capability in 2007. This will provide operators controlling COEXTM camera stations the ability to access recorded images quickly, allow archiving onto DVDs, offer larger storage capacity and cut down on maintenance requirements. The DVR upgrade will also allow the control system to be centralized over the network as part of future expansion plans.

Synectics also received a contract to supply perimeter video surveillance and control systems for the Hassi R Mel field. This equipment was manufactured and delivered in the third quarter of 2007.

Both the In Salah DVR Upgrade and Hassi R'Mel perimeter system were installed and commissioned during the third quarter of 2007 by qualified and experienced Synectics engineers who, while on-site, also provided training to staff on video monitoring principles and basic maintenance.

In Salah Gas is the largest dry gas joint-venture project in the country. The venture involves the development of seven proven gas fields in the southern Sahara, 1,200 km south of Algiers. On-stream since July 2004, the project produces around 9 billion cubic meters of gas a year. In Salah is also the world's first full-scale carbon dioxide capture project at a gas field. Around 1 million tons of CO2 will be injected into the reservoir each year.

Combined, the In Salah and In Amenas (also a BP joint venture) projects will produce 75 percent of the forecasted increase in Algeria's gas export capacity by 2010.

The giant Hassi R'Mel gas field has proven reserves of more than 100 trillion cubic feet of gas.
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