Eyeview Electronics: Putting Quality First

Eyeview Electronics: Putting Quality First

Eyeview Electronics' dedication to quality and innovation keeps it strong in today's tough financial environment. Its extensive dome portfolio differentiates it from other manufacturers. Building on its technical know-how, Eyeview has advanced as a one-stop surveillance provider.

Known for its wide range of domes and sophisticated technology, Taiwan-based Eyeview Electronics has seen robust performance since its establishment in 1997. Involvement in government projects, including city surveillance and prisons, shows the company's expertise in delivering solid quality. "In Taiwan and many other countries, our domes have been applied to secure manufacturing facilities, nuclear power plants and aquaculture farms," said Kelvin Tsai, GM of Eyeview Electronics.

Applying stringent quality control, Eyeview's products are manufactured with reliability as the primary concern. This helps the company become a trusted OEM/ODM partner and win customer loyalty. "Considering the current economic uncertainty, distributors are more prudent when expanding their product portfolio and choosing partners to work with," Tsai said.

Innovation and Quality
The company's competence stems from its updated software and attention to detail. The latest software advancement allows images to freeze once a speed dome is in the movement from one preset position to the next and resume recording afterwards, saving storage space. "Speed domes are much more than cameras making continuous circular movements," Tsai noted. "Ease of use, with readily available management software for collecting and managing video, should be one of the top priorities in product development."

"We continue aggressive investment on technology innovation, where more than 20 percent of our resources are dedicated to R&D," Tsai said. Every component has been tailored for added stability. This enables Eyeview's cameras to function under demanding environments without compromising performance.

Strategic Positioning
Facing low-price competition from China requires building brand value and developing differentiating technology, Tsai said. The company has fortified its brand image for more than a decade, generating 50 percent of its revenue from own-brand sales.

Eyeview highlights developing the right products for the right markets. Targeting midrange to premium users, its cameras are designed to address unique challenges across verticals. The explosion-proof dome housing and built-in IR illumination were tailored to industrial applications. "Technology is the key to stand out from the competition and bring in higher profits," Tsai noted.

Although the global demand for domes has dropped significantly due to the economic slowdown, emerging markets such as Latin America, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe see strong growth potential, Tsai said. Eyeview has reinforced its commitment to emerging areas, with planned expansion for sales operations.

The company will also strengthen its offerings with auto focus and wide dynamic range speed domes. The competitively priced, high-performance domes will help build market share worldwide, Tsai said.

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