GKB Security: A Refreshing Look

GKB Security: A Refreshing Look

GKB Security reintroduced itself through a strategic transformation of its logo, symbolizing its commitment to making system integration easier and staying close to end users.

From its beginnings as a hardware manufacturer to becoming a solution provider, GKB Security has made innovation its core value since 1996. In light of the industry's evolution, the company is expanding its integration capabilities. The launch of a new logo declares GKB's transformation into a solution-driven company. "The new GKB logo projects the image of kite, representing an integrated solution that connects vendors and users, which yields benefits beyond product features," said Peter Jen, President of GKB Security.

The company's focus on solutions means more investment in personnel training and dedication to customized services. "A major shift in enterprise culture and customer perception also poses challenges," Jen said. However, the accumulated know-how and technology will smooth over the transformation and allow GKB to target mid-range to premium customers.

GKB aims to provide tailored solutions, as small- and medium-sized security installations should enjoy the same technology benefits found at large-scale projects. "Making systems attractive with value-added features is key," Jen noted. A number of solutions deliver on this premise, including a PoS surveillance system, video alarm system and a Video Fire Detection System (VFDS).

Sound quality and ease of use enables GKB to be specified in industrial projects and win bids around the globe. Its video surveillance system has been deployed by ING banks in Turkey for ATM applications, while the VFDS has been chosen by Taiwan Power Company to be used at power plants and control rooms. Those successful stories are proof of the company's technical capability and are critical to propel sales, Jen said.

Future Plans
The company conducts its branding through distribution in more than 75 countries. Trustworthy partners and clear strategies help gain market presence. "In addition to working with OEM/ODM partners in the U.S., GKB is keen on developing and promoting its own brand worldwide," Jen said. Eyeing China with great interest, the mainland market will be a major focus region for GKB in the near future.

On the technology front, its R&D priorities feature system integration with IP surveillance, with video analytics taking a central role. A wide variety of solutions will be made available with greater integration of voice, access control and intrusion detection, Jen said.

As intelligent and integrated security solutions are trends, Jen believes GKB is on the right track. "Although the transformation will take years to complete, the company is able to take advantage of its strong brand foundation that has been established over a decade," he said. GKB's relentless pursuit of solid quality and integrated technology will help it adapt well to its new role to become a total solution provider in the next two to three years.

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