Venice Port Authority Debuts AS&E OmniView Gantry Cargo X-ray Inspection System

High-energy, multitechnology system inspects cargo for threats and contraband

American Science and Engineering, a supplier of innovative X-ray detection solutions, announced the Venice Port Authority, a leading Mediterranean port in Italy, in conjunction with Nethun — the Port Authority's private provider for security, logistics, transportation and technology based in Italy — debuted the AS&E OmniView Gantry cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection system. The system will inspect cargo entering the Venetian port for threats and contraband. The OmniView Gantry system offers maximum threat detection and manifest verification capability by combining 6.0 MeV high-energy transmission X-ray with AS&E's proprietary three-sided Z Backscatter X-ray imaging for the most reliable means of detecting contraband and threatening materials, such as weapons and explosives hidden in cargo containers, tankers, and vehicles.

“We are very honored to join the Venice Port Authority and Nethun at the inauguration of their new OmniView X-ray inspection system,” said Robert Postle, AS&E's Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing and Sales. “The system will be integrated into the Port of Venice's total security protocol and used in combination with AS&E's Z Backscatter Van (ZBV) to secure the port. The OmniView Gantry will inspect incoming containers, while the highly mobile and versatile ZBV has been successfully used by port officials to perform rapid inspections of suspect vehicles to secure the vicinity around the port.”

“Nethun, as a leader in technological expertise and innovation, is strongly committed to using leading edge technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of the port logistics and security processes,” said Tommaso Riccoboni, Nethun President. “The deployment of AS&E's OmniView Gantry and ZBV X-ray inspection systems in the port will lead to faster, safer, and more effective control of the 224,000 containers and 54,000 vehicles in transit every year through the Port of Venice. Together, the Venice Port Authority and Nethun have worked to implement new technology to facilitate scanning procedures and promote public safety.”

AS&E is represented in Italy by its local distributor AUS.TECH, whose mission is to develop, produce, sell, and deploy security systems for complex and high-risk areas utilizing innovative technologies.
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