EtherWAN Systems: Targets Verticals with Customized Solutions

EtherWAN Systems: Targets Verticals with Customized Solutions

EtherWAN Systems, a specialized Ethernet connectivity company since 1996, focuses on the security market with vertical-specific knowledge and quality products.

EtherWAN Systems specializes in copper and fiber optic Ethernet equipment for harsh environments. Its US headquarters are in Anaheim, California, while its Pacific Rim headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Taipei, Taiwan.

With a solid back ground in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), EtherWAN's hands-on experience inspired it to develop its niche. In 2006, with the growing digitalization of security, it saw strong market potential in IP video surveillance. “For every 10 new customers we met around the world, one would come from a purely security background,” said Laurence Lin, Executive VP, EtherWAN Systems.

EtherWAN was the first to provide city-wide transportation Ethernet switches, connecting roadside traffic cabinets in the U.S. for traffic flow control and monitoring. Apart from ITS projects, the company also offers design and manufacturing services to major equipment makers in factory automation, renewable energy, building automation, weather observation and video surveillance worldwide.

Market Approach
A commitment to high-quality products forms the basis for EtherWAN's customized approach. Rather than focusing on the mass market, they examine specific requirements for certain applications. "Our products comply with vertical-specific rules and regulations, and they must pass specific certifications. For example, we have UL1604-rated products for hazardous locations, IEC61850 for power substations, UL508 for industrial automation and EN50121-4 for railway," said Lin.

Quality products and strong know-how are the company's key competence. "Our solutions are highly customized for different verticals and are capable of integrating with third-party systems," Lin said. "To ensure the best quality we send our products overseas for rigorous lab testing."

Its US and Asian markets enjoy direct service support from EtherWAN's bases. The company's market position is secured by strong partnerships with system integrators and contractors in other countries. For emerging markets such as East Europe, Vietnam, India and the Middle East, it finds local distributors to successfully enter the market.

Apart from products and distribution, branding and consistent marketing promotion are crucial to EtherWAN. "Other than attending trade shows and seminars, forming alliances with network camera manufacturers, system integrators and key distributors strengthens our market position," Lin said.

Future Outlook
The global economic downturn has had little affect on EtherWAN, since the company involves deeply in infrastructure projects. Sales generated from security projects were 20 percent higher than mass market sales. "With the advance of IP, sales increases can be expected for the second half of 2009," Lin said.

The company's product line will be more comprehensive with increased investments made for surveillance-oriented R&D and marketing. "We will continue to listen to our customers' needs and tailor products that best suit market demands," Lin said.

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