American Science and Engineering Receives $2.2 Million Order for US X-Ray Screening

US government agency to utilize AS&E's proprietary technology at a strategic facility

American Science and Engineering (AS&E), a supplier of X-ray detection technology, announced the receipt of a $2.2 million order for a Z Portal X-ray screening system and multiple Gemini parcel inspection systems. For maximum organic threat detection capability, the Z Portal system is configured with three Z Backscatter modules for left, right and top-down imaging of the vehicle under inspection. The Gemini parcel inspection system features a combination of AS&E's proprietary Z Backscatter technology and dual-energy transmission technology to provide enhanced detection of organic materials and metallic threats. The X-ray systems will be deployed by a government agency at multiple checkpoints to screen trucks, vehicles and parcels for explosive threats and contraband before they enter the facility.

“This latest order for a government agency reaffirms the value of Z Backscatter as a stand-alone technology or in combination with dual-energy transmission to secure high-threat facilities,” said Anthony Fabiano, President and CEO of AS&E. “The Z Portal and Gemini systems will heighten the detection capability at each checkpoint and provide superior imaging capability of explosive threats and other contraband while maximizing safety and throughput.”

The Z Portal system is a comprehensive screening system available with multiview, drive-through inspection of cars, vans, trucks and their cargo. Z Portal's patented Z Backscatter technology produces photo-like images for superior detection capability of plastic and liquid explosives, narcotics, and plastics weapons, drugs, stowaways, and alcohol. Customers include U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Abu Dhabi Customs, and NATO.
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