Hikvision Network Cameras Integrated with Milestone IP Video Management

Hikvision Digital Technology, a supplier of digital video surveillance products, announced that a wide range of their network cameras and video encoders are integrated with the Milestone IP video management platform.

Customers worldwide are able to enjoy the high performance and superior video quality of Hikvision's network cameras combined with the IP video management solutions of Milestone Systems. As of the Milestone Device Pack 4.6 due for release next month, a large number of Hikvision devices will be supported, including four and one channel video encoders and a broad range of fixed dome cameras as well as fixed cameras.

Hikvision network cameras deliver video quality in real time using MPEG-4/H.264 video codec and the advanced TI DaVinci platform. The network cameras also support SDHC cards for local storage, which provides non-stop recording even when the Internet is interrupted.

Milestone IP video management software provides an intuitive interface for managing the system and viewing video from the Hikvision network cameras, both live and recorded. Operators can be alerted to threats, find recorded incidences fast and export evidence easily to share with authorities.

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