Hikvision Strengthens Timely Service and Local Support Branches Open in the Netherlands and Russia

Hikvision Strengthens Timely Service and Local Support Branches Open in the Netherlands and Russia

To most international buyers, Hikvision represents one of the top Chinese electronic security players. Hikvision plans to keep its lead through future expansion, marketing strategies and product innovation. A&S China Best Buys talks to Tony Yang, Marketing Director, International Business Center at Hikvision, for more details.

The prosperous Chinese market has been a bright spot for investors, as the economic downturn pummels the rest of the world. Not only do China's significant market possibilities attract foreign investment, its manufacturing has also improved after years of dedication to provide stable products. The time has come for Chinese manufacturers to market their own products in electronic security.

Hikvision has put great effort into marketing this year, including being a sponsor at IFSEC in May, organizing road shows in different countries and cities, as well as participating in various marketing events. "The past two years have been an important time for marketing at Hikvision," said Tony Yang, Marketing Director, International Business Center at Hikvision. "We have been dedicated to overseas market expansion for years. For the company's marketing strategy, we want more people to know us."

Yang believed branding is a concept for marketing Hikvision's branded products, as well as its OEM/ODM solutions. He said branding should be considered as a whole to provide the right service, technical support as well as training, depending on customer requirements. This strategy supports the company's long-term growth.

On top of that, more exposure brings benefits as well as side effects. "For existing partners, they are more confident about our products and service, as the organization is in a stable growth phase," Yang said. "For those just about to know us, they will evaluate us more carefully in terms of our service and product quality. However, with robust R&D capacities, manufacturing capabilities and cooperation with other strategic partners, these provide a strong backup for our products."

Providing Local Support
Hikvision will open two new branches in the Netherlands and Russia. By the end of this year, the company will have four branches outside of China, including its US branch and India joint-venture company. All Hikvision branches are set up to provide timely service and local support, as well as necessary training. More importantly, branches can reduce pressure for distributors stocking their warehouses, as the economic downturn has made distributors keen to reduce their risk.

The company will continue its cooperation with worldwide and local partners. On the international cooperation front, Hikvision works with Milestone Systems, Genetec, OnSSI, and other leading video management software vendors.

Locally, the company works with domestic software suppliers to cater to different end user requirements. All solutions are designed to meet the company's core value — "First Choice for Security Professionals." It strives in several ways to satisfy customer needs and strengthenproduct portfolios to provide more options, which also makes Hikvision different from its counterparts in China. "We are trying to deliver to our customers a concept — you are buying from Hikvision, not buying from China," Yang said.

As video surveillance moves towards IP, having industry standard products is one of the major steps for the company to provide higher value, Yang said. With increased interoperability, the market will can enjoy IP solutions that meet requirements for diversified and critical security applications. Hikvision, therefore, has aggressively advocated for IP video standards by joining industry organizations, such as the ONVIF and PSIA, and further released standards-compliant products.

"Hikvision is determined to further cultivate the security market, with an eye on better serving our customers," Yang said. "The release of open industry standards compliant products will position Hikvision to serve current and future customers worldwide, as well as allowing us to consolidate our leading position in the video surveillance market."

PSIA-complaint Network Camera
Hikvi s ion released PSIA-compliant network cameras — the DS-2CD862MF-E 1.3-megapixel (CCD-based) and the DS-2CD852MF-E 2-megapixel.

The Hikvision DS-2CD862MF-E 1.3-megapixel network camera offers HD video quality with enhanced sensitivity in low-light, using a 1/3-inch Sony progressive scan CCD. Its advanced auto iris, wide dynamic range (WDR) and backlight compensation (BLC) enable the camera to provide clear images in various lighting conditions.

The Hikvision DS-2CD852MF-E 2-megapixel network camera delivers real-time video through its advanced DSP platform and MPEG-4/H.264 video codecs. Its progressive scan technology enables the product to capture HD panoramic views of moving objects in the shortest time.

Hikvision will release a full range of network cameras that are compliant with open industry standards. These products, conforming to PSIA and ONVIF standards, allow Hikvision customers to access the complete range of IP systems with global interoperability.

1.3-megapixel Network Speed Dome
Demand for higher-resolution images propels technology development. Vendors are also actively improving low-light performance. Recent spikes in megapixel camera sales reveal there is more than meets the eye.

According to market analysis, the worldwide megapixel camera sales were estimated to be US$150 million in 2008. Improved resolution from megapixel cameras is one key driver for IP-based solutions, which has helped the company maintain its strong growth. By 2012, approximately 6 percent of surveillance camera shipments will have megapixel resolution.

Hikvision, therefore, foresees the outcome by introducing its DS-2DF1-671 1.3-megapixel network speed dome. It delivers quality surveillance video with resolution up to 1,280 by 720 in both preview and playback, by adopting an
1/3-inch Sony progressive scan CCD. The camera uses H.264 video compression, while supporting auto switching from color to black-white.

With progressive scan technology, this product can capture HD panoramic views of moving objects in the shortest time. The 200 preset positions — with 75 degree-per-second pan speed and 50 degree-per-second tilt speed — allows the camera to cover the widest possible range with crystal clarity. By using a mouse to click on objects in the camera view, users can manually control the camera to follow objects in the monitoring areas, as well as zoom in to get a clearer picture.

In addition, this speed dome has advanced auto iris, enabling the product to adjust to varying light levels automatically. It enables 24-7 surveillance with ultra WDR, BLC and auto/manual IR-cut filter removal for various lighting conditions.

Another product highlight is its SD card for local storage, which allows for nonstop recording even when the Ethernet connection is interrupted. The product also features 1-channel audio input/output, RS-485 remote control and up to 24 configurable privacy masking zones. This makes the product a perfect solution for finance, government, telecommunications, commercial and other applications.

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