Cogent Systems Announces FBI Certification of Mobile Identification Devices

Mobile Ident III released

Cogent Systems announced it is the first biometrics vendor to have its handheld mobile identification devices certified as compliant with the FBI's Next Generation Identification Initiatives and Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System Image Quality Specifications. The certification encompasses Cogent's Fusion, Mobile Ident II, and the recently released Mobile Ident III. Testing for compliance with the FBI's biometric specifications was conducted by the Technology Evaluation Standards Test Unit, part of the Biometric Center of Excellence, Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

Mobile Ident III is Cogent's latest multi-modal biometric handheld identification device for military, law enforcement, and civil applications such as remote subject identification, e-citation, disaster scene management, ID document authentication, and mobile spot-check for access control. Mobile Ident III has a built-in 500 ppi forensic quality fingerprint scanner, digital camera, barcode scanner digital, GPS, and wireless communication module. Using flexible modular attachments, it can support multiple forms of card interfaces and can be equipped with a USB barcode scanner and a 3-inch thermal printer module. Mobile Ident III can store up to 300,000 biometric records and has an on-device fingerprint and facial matching capability. The device provides users with tools for viewing, identifying, and saving records and performing one-to-one comparisons of existing biometric records to verify identity.

“We are very pleased to be the first vendor to have our all-in-one mobile identification devices certified by the FBI. This is further evidence that our biometric handheld products are able to meet the most stringent requirements for quality and interoperability,” said Ming Hsieh, President and CEO of Cogent Systems. “We believe this certification, along with the introduction of the Mobile Ident III, position us well to continue delivering superior biometric products and services to a broad range of customers.”

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