Gemalto and eSECURE Technology Partner for Contactless Payment Upgrade in Taiwan

Upgrading existing payment terminals with SAM cards for contactless use benefits consumers with faster, easier small sum payment means

Gemalto, a provider of digital security, deployed its Secure Access Modules (SAM) into existing EasyCard payment terminals in Taiwan with Gemalto Channel Partner Program member, eSECURE Technology. The SAM card is used to upgrade existing payment terminals for contactless use. Upgraded contactless-ready terminals give consumers a simple, fast and secure means to make small sum payments. There are currently around 16 million EasyCards in the market.

Retail vendors such as supermarkets, fast food chains and cinemas can immediately benefit by offering their customers this easy and simple way to make payments. This marks a new advancement towards realizing the Taiwanese government's vision of rendering the use of EasyCard, akin to that of an electronic wallet, as outlined by the Legislative Yuan act that was passed earlier this year.

“Introducing the Security Access Module into the existing contactless system is a very simple means to enhance overall convenience and security necessary for the various parties involved; from service providers to end consumers, all can take full advantage of this revolutionizing mode of payment,” said Tan Teck Lee, President, Gemalto Asia.

The Security Access Module, which is frequently delivered under the form of a small format microprocessor card that can be easily inserted into a terminal, is a proven solution that is used as an effective and simple means to provide local off-line security for prepaid and small amount transactions. Gemalto deployed several million Security Access Modules in the past years, for prepaid fixed line telephony applications for example, to ensure convenient usage of public telephones all over the world.

Through the Channel Partner Program, Gemalto opens access to key company expertise and intelligence benefitting members like eSECURE with infrastructure support, training and increased collaboration.

Yankee Lu, CEO of eSECURE Technology, said, “Joining the Channel Partner Network has enabled us to widen our portfolio offerings and allowed us to gain access to better tools to adapt to an increasingly demanding marketplace. The EasyCard project is one such example where we are able to jointly work with Gemalto, creating synergy between their global expertise and our local knowledge for our customer.”
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