K2 Geospatial to Distribute Keeneo Video Analytics

K2 Geospatial (K2) and Keeneo signed a partnership agreement for the distribution and support of Keeneo's video analytics software products.

Keeneo provides intelligent video surveillance (IVS) solutions that are adapted to customer security and operational logistic needs to help monitor and manage in real-time the video streams from video surveillance cameras. Based on a patented 4-D technology, the analyzed data extracted from the video stream encompasses size, position and behavior in the real 3-D world with the relevance of time. In this way, Keeneo's 4-D video analytics simulates intelligent and accurate human decisions derived from a visual input.

SafeZone is Keeneo's leading security offering featuring analytics for intrusion or incident detection and verification as well as perimeter protection applications. Metric Manager provides video analytics to improve the efficiency of business or facility operations such as people or vehicle counting, crowd density measurements and line management.
An initial partnership was signed in 2007 for the development of a JMap-VSI Keeneo connector capable of displaying, on an area map and/or a building plan, the exact location of alerts generated by the presence of people, objects or behaviors and consequently allowing an easier coordination and shorter intervention time. This partnership was the result of K2 and Keeneo's desire to provide high value added products.

“In order to offer our customers a very wide range of products, the logical progression to this partnership was the distribution of the Keeneo product line,” said Jacques Charron, President of K2 Geospatial.

Benoit Georis, CEO of Keeneo, said, “I am excited by this partnership with K2, a proven technology provider, who will broaden Keeneo's reach into North America and enable K2 to further provide geospatial and related security and operational logistics solutions to their customers.”

Dick Salzman, VP Marketing for Keeneo said, “This strategic partnership between K2 and Keeneo underscores the commitment by these companies to deliver to ports, airports, health, government and businesses entities, high quality, advanced technology solutions that provide optimal asset and security management processes.”

Géoris and Charron thanked UBIFRANCE, an agency for international development, which facilitated the partnership.

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