Suprema Provides Live Scan Systems for Indian Registry Project

Suprema, a provider of biometric technology, announced the company's RealScan-D live scan system has been selected for the coastal ID project of India under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Suprema claims RealScan-D is the world's fastest live scanner, with a scan rate of 20 fps or more. The scanner is equipped with powerful DSP and fast image-processing software running advanced live-scan technology. The portable USB-powered device can be bundled with a mobile jump-kit for registration offices and sites. With its proven reliability of FBI certification (IQS appendix F) and high-speed image capture, the device was selected after a competitive trial with other products.

The project is steered by the Registrar General of India under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Nov. 26, 2008, terror attacks on Mumbai expedited the government's creation of a National Population Register (NPR) for residents in the coastal areas. The coastal ID project requires citizens to provide demographics, photographs and all 10 fingerprints for biometric smart cards. The cards will be used to identify illegal immigrants and terrorists using sea routes. The initial project will cover 12 million citizens living in the coastal villages of 13 states/union territories and will be expanded nationally. The project is being carried out by the Consortium of Public Sectors, including Bharat Electronics, Electronic Corporation of India and ITI.

The original contract was awarded to 4G Identity Solutions through a global tendering process. 4G Identity Solutions, a local Suprema partner, will be responsible for installation, system integration, ongoing technical support and maintenance.
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