Agent Vi Wins Analytics Contract for Key Asian Subway System

Agent Vi wins one of the world's largest video analytics projects, to enhance the real-time surveillance capabilities of a major metro system

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi) announced it won a major video analytics contract to provide more than 1,000 video analytics channels as part of a comprehensive upgrade to surveillance capabilities over three lines of a major Far East subway system.

The upgrade project, led by COE, a UK provider of video transmission and management products, will include installation of several thousand cameras.

By integrating Agent Vi's real-time video analytics solution — Vi-System — with COE's advanced video servers, more than 1,000 cameras will be upgraded to include video analytics capabilities, enabling the system's operators to receive real-time alerts against predefined safety and security incidents, as well as to monitor various aspects of operational efficiency.

Vi-System will support real-time people counting as well as detection of, and alerts for, breaches into restricted zones, human presence on or near the tracks, presence of suspicious objects, detection of crowding and more.

“This deal emphasizes the important role of video analytics in large scale installations,” said Ariel Frischoff, VP Sales, EMEA and APAC, Agent Vi. “Video analytics is the only practical solution to handle this many video streams in parallel, allowing efficient responses to safety and security incidents, as they emerge.”

“When dealing with such large-scale installations, cost and performance considerations become a critical factor, and Agent Vi's highly scalable solutions are the most suited for projects of such magnitude,” Frischoff said.
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