Seongnam City's U-City Tightly Secured by IDTECK Access Control System

IDTECK has successfully delivered an access control system for U-City, the latest development by the city of Seongnam in Korea. Short for “ubiquitous city,” the U-City suits 21st century needs as a one-stop business and administrative solution for Seongnam residents.

U-City is equipped with the IDTECK Smart Card Access Control System, which includes fingerprint readers, smart card readers, access control panels and access control management software. To strengthen security, video surveillance and DVR systems are integrated with the access control system. The IDTECK system was praised by the administrators of the U-City, as it provided top-of-the-line security without interfering with convenience.

IDTECK is expected to participate in additional U-City developments in other Korean cities, as the success of the Seongnam project has left a favorable impression on the administrators of the ongoing projects.
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