Seoul Subway Deploys Video Mesh Monitoring After Deadly Fire

Seoul, Korea, will get a real-time, mobile wireless video surveillance system from Firetide for its subway. The video will help protect riders and transit workers against potential fires, accidents, thefts, unruly behavior and other harmful incidents. The impetus for the system, which will cost an estimated US$60 million, was the Daegu station subway fire of 2003 when 198 people were killed. After extensive research and trials, the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation (SMRT) chose Firetide's wireless mesh networking equipment because of its unique ability to provide high-performance real-time video streaming in challenging subway environment to and from trains moving at 50 mph.

The wireless system will provide video surveillance from stations about to be entered to train operators, video surveillance from inside of passenger trains to a monitoring center and video streaming of public announcements and commercial advertisements onto passenger train monitors. The system is being installed by Korea Telecom and is expected to be completed by June 2010.
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