IDTECK Protects New Yonsei University Global Campus

IDTECK was contracted to provide a campus-wide access control system for the new Yonsei University Global Campus in Songdo, Korea. Yonsei University is one of Korea's top ranked four-year universities, known for its prestigious academic program. IDTECK's latest access control system will be deployed in numerous main lecture halls, power plant, dormitory, study house and other facilities around the campus to develop a safe and sound environment for the students and faculty members.

Out of the wide variety of IDTECK, SR Series products (FINGER006SR, SR30, iTDC SR) has been selected to facilitate the appropriate security solution needed in the university campus. The SR Series, the technology of 13.56 MHz Mifare embedded encryption, has the capability to provide a multipurpose one-card solution that is adequate not only for access control but also for various activities around the campus such as checking out a book from the library or checking daily attendance in class. IDTECK's smart card solution has a competitive edge over other security systems, embedding user convenience into high-level security. It also boasts seamless integration with other add-on systems, future-proofing for system expansion later on.

IDTECK is scheduled to finalize the deployment of the access control system around the campus by 2010 to take part in developing a safe environment for the Yonsei students.
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