Aptina Creates First-of-Its-Kind Surveillance Image Sensor

Aptina Creates First-of-Its-Kind Surveillance Image Sensor
Megapixel image sensor provides exceptional low-light performance, wide dynamic range in HD

Aptina launched the MT9M033 surveillance image sensor, the latest addition to its extensive portfolio of surveillance image sensors solutions. Increased resolution, low-light sensitivity, wide dynamic range and high definition (HD) are combined to create a first of its kind image sensor for the surveillance camera market. The new 1.2-megapixel sensor, running at 720 p/60 fps is ideal for capturing detail-rich HD quality video in diverse environments such as very low light settings or wide contrast lighting conditions.

The MT9M033 was designed with a sophisticated, yet easy to use feature set for meeting a range of uses and applications. “The MT9M033 is a new breed of image sensor which meets surveillance camera challenges head-on and provides this market with a future-oriented solution,” said David Zimpfer, GM for Aptina's Automotive and Industrial Business Unit. “Its image sensor technology will be raising the performance bar for the industry.”

Surveillance camera manufacturers can now create cameras using this highly sensitive, wide contrast enabled sensor that can be placed anywhere without the constraints posed by challenging light conditions. Cameras using the MT9M033 image sensor produce images that are uncompromised by low light or lighting contrast issues which are typical issues associated with surveillance cameras used in a variety of environments. While older generation sensors may be able to provide some of the features this sensor has, this sensor provides the whole package in HD.

High Performance, wide dynamic range and HD
The MT9M033 is driving new trends in surveillance camera technology. In a world that is moving to HD, this means surveillance cameras' ability to gather details is increasing. When reviewing captured images and video, high definition provides clearer images and reveals greater detail. This new sensor captures true HD video at 60 frames per second. Coupled with Aptina's new wide dynamic range (WDR) and dynamic response pixel technology, MT9M033 provides camera manufacturers with a unique imaging solution that addresses surveillance challenges at a new level.

Meeting the needs of the market

Aptina has been providing the surveillance industry with image sensor solutions for years. The MT9M033 uniquely responds to the surveillance industry's need for increased light sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Capturing HD quality details in low light and wide contrast lighting conditions is a great step forward for the surveillance market.

The MT9M033 is sampling in die and iLCC this quarter. Production is in Q1 2010.
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