Axxon Video Software Watches Over Avalon Logistics

Navikom successfully implemented Axxon Intellect software at the facilities of Avalon Logistics, a joint Russian-British enterprise operating in the integrated logistics services segment. The implemented systems are based on video servers from Navikom and DEPO Computers, a producer of computer platforms.

The client's main objective was to record video at warehouses and production facilities, which have elevated risk for employee violations. Since Avalon Logistics has multiple facilities across Russia, it was important to find a company that not only delivered a reliable and tested solution, but also provide service.

“Our company philosophy is based on the fact that we not only sell equipment but are also specialists in the equipment we sell,” said Roman Streltsov, Director of Navikom. “For many clients, it is important that the company supplying and implementing the system can also resolve all technical problems that may arise.”

Based on its own successful experience using AxxonSoft software, Navikom offered Avalon Logistics a standard solution based on servers running an Intellect software platform. All industrial form factor servers are built according to a unified standard with tested and certified components. Systems at the various facilities include from 40 to 160 video channels. A time and attendance module and ACS have also been implemented at certain facilities.

“The solution we utilize is quite simple in that identical, tested components are used at all facilities,” Streltsov said. “So if any problems arise, we have a clear picture of what's going on and the time to resolve the problem is minimal.”

System implementation has already been going on for a year. At present, more than 700 video channels have been deployed. The next step planned is a unified monitoring center, once local systems are completed.
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