HDcctv Alliance Adds New Members: Clinton Electronics, IDIS, Marshall Electronics and Speco Technologies

Clinton Electronics, IDIS, Marshall Electronics and Speco Technologies join HDcctv Alliance to incorporate HDcctv specifications and standards for interoperability into their new security market product lines

HDcctv Alliance, the global security industry consortium established to manage technical standards for HDcctv equipment interoperability, announced Clinton Electronics, IDIS, Marshall Electronics and Speco Technologies have joined to participate in manufacturing new security industry equipment compliant with HDcctv specifications and standards. The alliance is open for membership at www.highdefcctv.org.

HDcctv-based systems transmit HDTV signals digitally over conventional CCTV media without packetization and without any perceivable compression latency. . The HDcctv Alliance has partnered with SMPTE to include the family of video interfaces known as HD-SDI to create derivative standards to enable plug-and-play security systems and equipment that deliver high-resolution, high-definition (HD) surveillance video with no delays, image artifacts, or jitter.

“HDcctv will enable Speco Technologies' dealers to use existing coaxial cable infrastructure to deliver megapixel resolution images to their customers. The ability to accomplish this without entering the IP world will allow a greater cross section of installers to compete for the ever-growing megapixel business,” said Gary Perlin, VP of Video Products, Speco Technologies. “HDcctv products will be a perfect alternative to the megapixel IP cameras that we already sell. We will be introducing a line of dome, bullet and traditional cameras as well as the DVRs and monitors to support them, starting in the first quarter of 2010.”

“HDcctv will get plenty of attention from security installers and consumers due to its high resolution and ease of installation,” said Jin Ho Jung, CTO, IDIS. “Joining the HDcctv Alliance is in line with our business strategy. IDIS targets the mid-to-premium DVR market and HDcctv DVR market is the exact market we aim at. We first plan to release 4CH DVR with 1080p resolution and will eventually add 8CH and 16CH DVRs our product line.”

“By joining the HDcctv Alliance we gain the ability to collaborate with and share resources of many companies that have the same goal of bringing the highest quality video available to the mainstream CCTV market. We already have monitors that accept SDI and will expand into every segment of the whole video system in the coming year,” said Gary Clinton, VP, Clinton Electronics. “We see HDcctv becoming a more natural transition into high-resolution video for the CCTV industry. HDcctv cameras will be much simpler to install and operate compared to IP cameras and will bring CCTV closer to what most of the nation has already been enjoying with HD quality television.”

“We expect an explosive growth of popularity in HDcctv systems in the future,” said Nathan Mordukhay, VP, S&M, Marshall Electronics. “We are a broadcast industry leader in monitors with HD-SDI inputs and for decades have supplied the security market with unique optical and electronic products. Using the official HDcctv logo lets our customers know we are delivering broadcast quality HD technology that meets the highest quality HDcctv specifications and interoperability standards in the security market.”

“These new members highlight the increasing global reach and diversity of the HDcctv Alliance,” said Todd Rockoff, Chairman of HDcctv Alliance. “We look forward to their active contributions to v2.0 of the HDcctv Specification, which will include up-the-cable camera control, bidirectional audio, and possibly up-the-cable power as well.”“

Alliance members are drawn from component and equipment manufacturers worldwide. HDcctv Alliance Charter Members include Comart System, EverFocus Electronics, Gennum, Ovii and Stretch.
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