VIVOTEK Forms New Team for Vertical Markets

VIVOTEK has created a new project team nicknamed “Bolida” under the Branding Business Division. The division is devoted to enhancing VIVOTEK's partnership and development efficiency in supporting projects for vertical markets. With the new team, VIVOTEK expects to see 40 percent growth in project revenue for 2010.

The responsibilities of the team, comprised of the Solution Center, Project Center and Vertical Center, cover three broad areas. The Solution Center will be responsible for partnership maintenance and enhancement through closer hardware and software integration. The Project Center will explore new project opportunities and provide necessary support to facilitate project completion. The Vertical Center will concentrate on enhancing VIVOTEK's presence in vertical markets.
By streamlining the previous four-level project support process down to one level, VIVOTEK's customers will see immediate benefits in efficiency in communication and problem-solving. VIVOTEK support can be delivered directly to decision makers immediately without going through a chain of command.
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