Wendy's Franchisees Use Fingerprint PoS Software to Reduce Fraud and Save Money

DigitalPersona, a provider of fingerprint identity and authentication solutions, announced WAND Corporation, a supplier of point-of-sale (PoS) software for quick-service restaurants, has integrated DigitalPersona technology into their NextGen PoS and Classic PoS solutions. WAND's quick-service customers can now use fingerprint biometrics to boost cashier accountability and deter unauthorized manager overrides. As a result, restaurants can reduce fraud and save money.

“Biometrics has helped decrease the instances of cash discrepancies at the point of sale,” said John McDaniels, District Manager of FourCrown, a Wendy's franchisee. “It has provided us with a level of security that was not present with manager swipe cards.”

In the quick-service restaurant industry, swipe cards and passwords have been the traditional tool used for PoS security; however, they are easily lost, stolen or shared. WAND is using U.are.U fingerprint readers from DigitalPersona to increase the security of cashier sign-on, order processing and manager overrides. With biometrics, WAND's customers can tie people to specific transactions. This enhances employee accountability, which greatly reduces time and attendance fraud, as well as till theft.

“By incorporating U.are.U fingerprint readers from DigitalPersona into our PoS solutions we are able to offer our customers a proven means of reducing fraud which helps them realize an immediate return on investment and compete more effectively,” said Greg Perrill, COO at WAND. “With its reputation in PoS and comprehensive development tools, DigitalPersona was a natural choice.”

WAND selected U.are.U fingerprint readers because they offer a powerful combination of size, accuracy and performance. With a complete range of software tools, integration with U.are.U readers was fast and straightforward.

“Today, restaurateurs are looking to biometrics as a way to increase security and efficiency,” said Jim Fulton, VP of Marketing at DigitalPersona. “With fingerprint security, WAND's PoS solutions help customers to prevent theft and cuts costs, which are essential for success in the current economy.”
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