Nice Secures Beijing Metro with IP Video Solution and Analytics

New implementation supports advanced capabilities, such as intrusion detection, baggage detection and crowd control, to protect passengers and rail assets

Nice Systems, a provider of solutions that enable Insight from Interactions, was selected by Beijing Metro in China to provide its IP video solution. The solution includes support for content analytics at certain project locales, enhancing safety and security at the 24 stations on Line 15. The IP-based Nice solution was selected following successful deployments on six other Metro lines. Nice's business partner for the project is Beijing JingShiDa Machinery and equipment Research Institute. This is a milestone project both for Beijing Metro and Nice, since it is the Metro's largest video security project ever.
Line 15 of the Beijing Metro is a rapid transit rail line currently under construction in the city of Beijing. The subway line is planned to run 40 kilometers, with 24 stations, across northern Beijing from Xiyuan in Haidan District in the west, through to Hedong in the Shunyi District in the east. It services the famous Summer Palace, which has the largest royal park in China and is a tourist attraction.

The Nice IP video security solution will protect commuters at each of the line's 24 stations, connected to a security system with more than 2,600 channels, making it Beijing Metro's biggest video security project ever. The scalable IP-based video solution will provide Beijing Metro Line 15 with seamless surveillance, to protect the railway tracks, stations and passengers. Nice will provide support for advanced capabilities, such as identifying unattended luggage, detecting unauthorized entry into secured areas, and counting the number of people across multiple entries/exits. By providing real-time alerts, security personnel can verify the security of the physical infrastructure and to prevent accidents resulting in enhanced passenger safety and better asset protection.

“Following the success and proven reliability in the six projects we already have running with Beijing Metro, we are very happy to have been selected once again for this important milestone project," said Doron Ben-Sira, President of APAC. "Being selected for this project reflects Nice's expanding footprint in the Asia's security market, and our expertise in providing advanced solutions for enhancing the safety and security of mass transit systems worldwide."
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