AMG Delivers Transmission Solution for Oman LNG Plant

Guardian-Lite 3700 forms the backbone of the security and surveillance solution for the Sultanates strategic liquid natural gas plant and shipping facility in Qalhat

 AMG Systems supplied a digital, uncompressed transmission solution for the Oman LNG plant in Qalhat near Sur. The plant covers 6 square kilometers and has facilities for off-loading, a 500 meter long NGL loading jetty with single NGLs loading arms as well as a LNG jetty of 430 meters with three loading arms and one gas return arm.

The project for the comprehensive security and surveillance system was won by Majees Technical Services — a turnkey solutions provider based in Oman who specializes in the areas of fire and security, telecoms, oil and gas, vehicle tracking and civil contracting. Majees already had an impressive track record of delivering turnkey security solutions within the oil and gas industry.

The security and surveillance project benefited from the advice and guidance of the Royal Oman Police and has introduced state-of-the art systems for securing the LNG complex and providing 24-7 monitoring and surveillance for the protection of people and assets. From a modern control room the company now enjoys a comprehensive overview of activities around the facilities, which enables early intervention and maximum safety.

Sekhar Subramonian, GM of the Fire and Security Division at Majees Technical Services, said, “One of the key requirements for the project was to design and develop a complete integrated security solution for the coastal and perimeter surveillance with long- and medium-range PTZ cameras and fence mounted PIDS. All gates in and around the plant were required to be latest technology high-speed gates with high-end access control systems. The alarm management and control room were further to be fitted with state-of-the-art systems with complete redundancy in both the physical as well as in all the equipment layers.”
”AMG designed the dual redundant loops using their unique 3700 series,” Subramonian said. “We implemented single-channel video insert equipment with various interfaces and contact closures in dual redundant configuration using single fibre cores. This allowed us to provide a complete dual redundant solution which is future-proof and caters for easy future expansion. AMG's transmission solution provides us with industry-grade devices capable of withstanding the tough environmental standards on the site whilst delivering excellent transmission quality. As there is no compression, everything is real-time and we could easily separate different protocols without any compatibility issues.”

The video surveillance solution at the Oman LNG Plant currently includes 40 PTZ cameras working with five dual redundant loops mixing different protocols. An additional 12 PTZ cameras are linked by star connectivity. The AMG solution is used for transmission of the PIDS and gate alarms, taking them to the control room for centralized alarm management. The solution operates a central control room which handles the central alarm management as well as several partitioned remote control rooms. All the control rooms receive all their signals via the uncompressed digital AMG transmission solution.

Subramonian said, “When considering the integrated security systems for applications like oil and gas plants, it is very important to find the right products and suppliers. In working with suppliers such as AMG who deliver state-of-the-art technology, Majees successfully added great value to the client requirements in supplying the most reliable and advanced products. This has without doubt ensured the highest level of security, meeting current — and future — demands”.

Reasons why AMG Systems won the project included:
  • A consistent and holistic approach to the project, which proved AMG realized its strategic nature and the importance of time, budgets and safety standards. 
  • AMG's technical ability, product build and quality, as well as customer care ethos, which enables the company to react quickly to the requirements on the project.
  • The video is transmitted in a real-time full bandwidth digital format with full dual redundancy. This ensures high quality transmission regardless of distance. As no compression of the video is used, there is no latency or compromise on quality.
  • The unique drop and insert system provides for significant cost savings on the infrastructure without any increase in equipment cost.
  • The system can be configured to collect individual, or multiple video signals in a ”daisy chain” and transmitting them all back to one or more control rooms. This allows for significant savings on fiber optic infrastructure when compared with traditional methods of video collection.

The OMAN LNG security and surveillance project commenced in August 2007, with the full support of the Omani Government. The completed solution was inaugurated on July 7, 2009 under the patronage of Lieutenant-General Malik bin Suleiman Al Ma'amari, inspector-general of police and customs.
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