Madrid Hospital Secured by IndigoVision Video Solution

IndigoVision's IP video solution has been integrated with access control and intruder detection to provide one of Madrid's newest hospitals with a state-of-the-art security system. Opened in 2008, the Infanta Sofía Hospital is located in San Sebastián De los Reyes and was built by the Madrid Regional Government as part of plans to improve health care services for towns in Northern Madrid. The hospital consists of several buildings on a 60-square-kilometer site with the main facilities in an eight-storey tower block. 

“Hospitals create a demanding security environment, where the protection of staff and patients is paramount, especially in frontline areas such as emergency and psychiatry departments,” said Francisco De Diego, Project Manager with Cybsegur, the system integrator that designed and installed the system. “It was therefore important to choose the very best CCTV system, both in terms of performance and picture quality.”

IndigoVision's IP video system was integrated with the access control and intruder detection systems using Fabricom's ICAROS system to provide the hospital's security team with a complete solution for managing the security of the site. Consolidation of alarms centrally from video surveillance, access control and intruder systems create a more efficient operator environment and a vastly improved incident response.

“The distributed nature of IndigoVision's system means that cameras, recorders and CCTV workstations can be located at any point on the network,” Diego said. “Compared to traditional analog/DVR CCTV systems, this saved us a considerable amount of time and money during installation. It also gives us a great deal of flexibility to redeploy cameras when required with little extra cost for the hospital. High-quality evidential video has already helped the police during an investigation of a robbery and assisted the hospital identify potential security weaknesses, which were easily corrected due to the flexibility of the system.”

Seven IndigoVision stand-alone NVRs record video continuously at 25 fps directly from the network, providing a 15-day archive. In the event of a NVR failure or routine maintenance, video can be sent to the other NVRs while the unit is swapped with a hot-spare. Indigovision's IP video system provides end users with a range of redundant solutions, from simple hot-spare swapping as used by the hospital to fully resilient recording configurations using mirroring or automatic failovers with individual NVRs being distributed around the network.

More than 80 analog cameras are installed inside the hospital and externally around the grounds. A combination of internal domes and external vandal resistant cameras are connected to IndigoVision 8000 transmitter/receiver modules, which converts the analog feed to DVD-quality MPEG-4 digital video for transmission over the network.
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