Colorado Information Sharing Consortium to Implement i2 COPLINK Statewide

Crime solving and anti-terrorism prevention initiative builds on proven success with Denver Police Department

i2 has announced an agreement with the State of Colorado to extend the company's award winning COPLINK Solution Suite statewide. Working with the Colorado Information Sharing Consortium (CISC), COPLINK will be used for tactical lead generation and allows comprehensive information sharing and collaboration among local, regional, state and national law enforcement and public safety agencies.

"The CISC agreement represents an important COPLINK deployment," said i2 CEO, Robert Griffin. "Adding the Denver Police Department to the statewide consortium will expand the groups information sharing capabilities and allow the state to build on the outstanding success we have already achieved with other Metro agencies in the Jefferson County/Arvada area."

With the new agreement, 27 law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Colorado will in future be able to benefit from COPLINK's award-winning intelligent analysis and lead-generation capability in fighting the war against organized crime.

"This initiative also demonstrates how proven, commercial off-the-shelf crime fighting and homeland security solutions like COPLINK can be deployed reliably, rapidly and cost effectively to dramatically improve our nation's safety today," Griffin said.

The CISC is the governing board of the COPLINK implementation initiative in Colorado and is comprised of seven public safety leaders or core partners. These include: Adams County Sheriff's Office, Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, Aurora Police Department, Colorado Bureau of Investigation (a branch of the Colorado Department of Public Safety), Denver Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, and Grand Junction Police Department.

Tracie Keesee, Division Chief, Research, Training and Technology, Denver Police Department, said, "We are truly excited about working with the Colorado Consortium and the future possibilities of COPLINK — the potential of extending our crime solving capabilities without data sharing barriers is long overdue."
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