Axview Partnership Refines Product Functionality

Axview Partnership Refines Product Functionality

Axview Technology, a subsidiary of Australia-based HIPROTE Group, was established in 2001 in Shenzhen, China. To further business expansion, Axview moved to a new manufacturing base, housing more than 150 production personnel and 20 R&D engineers. The organization not only strengthens its manufacturing but also benefits partners, providing refined products meeting customer and market demands. A&S China Best Buys talks to Axview to see how it offers customers the right product with good service.

Chinese manufacturers have proved their manufacturing ability for years, particularly in the security industry. Not only in manufacturing, Chinese security players also invested greatly in new technologies, such as H.264 compression algorithm. Among other new technologies, Axview considers software an important issue in aspect of applications.

The organization has offered surveillance cameras for years, especially network cameras. Network cameras not only require good hardware design, but user-friendly and strong software as well. "The company came out with its first generation of network cameras four years ago," said Hazel Chen, Overseas Marketing Manager at Axview. "The software we offer is based on user needs. For example, our customers can easily operate our software, with our function icons."

However, when it comes to video analytics, other worldwide software suppliers have the advantage. Chen pointed out that strong software with video analytics gradually increases its demand. Axview's goals are to supply quality products and offer good service. Therefore, to cater to its customers' requirements, the organization began partnering with reputable analytics providers worldwide.

The company successfully integrated its wide range of surveillance cameras with iOmniscient video analytics, an international leader for intelligent video software. "The combination of iOmniscient's video analytics technology and Axview's commitment to become the leading surveillance manufacturer and total solution supplier provides customers with a very effective end-to-end surveillance solution," said Rustom Kanga, CEO of iOmniscient.

In addition, Mr. Kanga, Chen said, has visited the company and gave it a thumbs-up for manufacturing capability and management. This proves years' dedication came out a good result, with the ability to offer the top-notch and fine products.

Bridging International Buyers with Quality and Services
As a mid-range to high-end market player, the organization focuses on quality control. The quality control department is open for client visits. Every procedure, including selection of materials and key components, is governed by set rules. All Axview products are CE and FCC certified and RoHs-compliant.

Axview's technology support department reports directly to the marketing department, facilitating a better understanding of customer needs among the technical staff while ensuring timely service. The Axview's technology department also provides proper training to its customers to leverage mutual benefits. It penetrates new markets with local sales, adding an advantage to its solid technology backup.

All these have helped the company to win customer approval. "One of our customers in Latin America is our sole distributor Juan C.A. Peralta, who appreciated us very much because we can offer him timely support as well as the right product with video analytics, helping him to win projects, such as airports and high people flow applications," Chen said. "Through cooperation with other worldwide partners like iOmniscient, it truly gives us an edge but also to leverages our customer's benefits. More importantly, we make our customers know that we care about their business by providing them the prompt service and products catering to their requirements."

Moreover, years of dedication have brought Axview's products to buyer attention, including consultants to government projects. "Dave Gorshkov, a senior security consultant from UKTI, visited the company for delivering his insights of industry standards and local market product requirements," Chen said. "This gave our R&D personnel a picture on future product design, which is quite important to our organization development."

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