Tiandy Opens Largest Security Manufacturing Base in Northern China

Tiandy Opens Largest Security Manufacturing Base in Northern China

Tianjin Tiandy Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, boasting 15 years of experience in security. Tiandy offers integrated portfolios to partners in China and around the world. To manufacture a wide range of products, Tiandy will move to a new manufacturing base and become the largest security powerhouse in northern China. A&S China Best Buys talks to Tiandy about company expansion and its product line.

While the world economy recovers from the financial crisis, the Chinese market continues to enjoy strong domestic growth. This puts China in the global spotlight and provides more opportunities to local enterprises. In 2008, Tiandy expanded its China operations by opening 25 branches nationwide, providing end-to-end solutions. Its total solutions are deployed for many applications, including transportation, Safe City projects, justice and remote monitoring.

Tiandy aims to provide prompt responses to the market and direct communication with customers. To cater to different requirements, the organization has invested 22 million USD for the new manufacturing base from 2008. The new 50,000-meter square manufacturing base is aimed to be "digital products R&D and manufacturing center" — the largest security manufacturing base in northern China. Meanwhile, Tiandy, this year, has been awarded "Chinese Well-known Brand" by Chinese authorities, which is the one and the only in security industry.

"The new production lines will increase its manufacturing capability, with three SMTs and 10 independent production lines in a 5-story building of 10,600 meter square. It ensures product delivery time and quality," said Francis Jing, Manager of the International Department at Tiandy. The company plans to invest more in testing equipment to strengthen product stability, such as a constant temperature and humidity chamber, a high definition video signal generator and a logic analyzer.

For human resources, Tiandy adopted modern management to manage its growing scale. With more than 700 employees, it requires a clear organization structure and effective management to facilitate cooperation within the organization. Tiandy is now using enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, material requirement planning and e-HR.

Quality manufacturing and effective management provide a great launch pad for Tiandy's overseas sales. From 2004, the company has put great effort toward overseas expansion. Tiandy's products — fiber optic transceivers, speed domes, matrices and video servers — have been shipped to more than 30 countries, including the U.S., Australia, Brazil, India and Russia.

Wide Range of Speed Domes
Tiandy is a pioneer among professional security product suppliers in China. The company not only offers the most reliable fiber optic transceivers, but wide ranges of speed dome cameras as well.

E Series
This series is Tiandy's major speed dome camera. It features two national patents — OSD III — which allows a better image display even under a strong illumination.

"Another patent which has received high marks from our customers is magnetic fixing," Jing said. "Magnetic fixing requires no screws and other tools while installing, replacing the old socket. It shows good anti-vibration and lasting magnetic fixture."

F Series
The F series represents Tiandy's fiber optic speed dome, suited for highway applications. A core technology of this fiber speed dome shows robust R&D ability. "We use a single IC chip to integrate with the fiber module, while other manufacturers are using two separate IC chips in their fiber speed domes," Jing said.

B Series
The B series provides a full range of functions, such as a cruising speed of 500 degrees per second, remote control by an English onscreen display, eight patrol tours and eight privacy masking zones. It is designed for outdoor applications, with IP 66 waterproof ratings and built-in anti-thunder protection up to 3,000 volts.

C Series
The C Series is a cost-effective speed dome with basic functions. It features 220 preset points, supporting Tiandy, Pelco_P and Pelco_D protocols. All Tiandy domes can integrate with any zoom camera, depending on customer requirements.

New IR High Speed Dome
The TC-D2600-IRW, or Aladdin, is Tiandy's new IR speed dome camera, featuring 120 to 150 meters IR range with innovative design. "This new product is embedded with double cooling fans, which enable excellent ventilation," Jing said. "It has the advantages of high accuracy, stable preset position and anti-flashlight functions, which are perfect for low illumination or completely dark working environments. The camera has been widely used for Safe City projects, unmanned zones, airports and railway stations."

During the product design, Tiandy focused on factors which could affect the IR speed dome's performance, such as image focus working with IR's range and heat dissipation. "Our engineers adjusted they IR range by software to get a clear image, enabling the speed domes to zooming in and out randomly," Jing said.

Jing pointed out that all speed domes before massive product have to pass several rigid tests, including long-term high- and low-temperature, high dense of humidity and aging tests. "Furthermore, our engineers have put great effort on PCB design, heat dissipation and controlling sensitivity, enabling precise and smooth rotation, quick and stable controlling and friendly OSD. All these give our speed domes an edge."

New Products in Demand
In 2009, Tiandy continues to provide more high quality affordable products. They include a wide range of IP solutions — network speed domes, network cameras, matrix systems and DVRs. A 2-megapixel CCD network box camera, will be on the market in October, Jing said, embedded with Tiandy's in-house software.

"Meanwhile, our new half dome with a stylish housing design is ready for our customers," Jing said. "This product was designed for indoor applications, as we see great demand from our customers for security as well as stylish design to match their interior decoration."

Lastly, Tiandy has completed its product lines for fiber optic transceivers, offering point to point, cascade and convergent. "To provide better products and better services has always been Tiandy's goal," Jing said. "Tiandy's portfolio offers an extensive range of products — more than 100 models, along with our experienced sales team to provide the most suitable solutions for our customers."

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