RAPIDGate Increases Security at Naval Air Station Lemoore

Naval Air Station Lemoore has implemented the RAPIDGate Program to increase security and streamline access for the thousands of vendors, suppliers, service providers and contractors who access the installation. The program includes company enrollment, employee registration, employment status validation, identity authentication, background screening, biometric verification, and entry authorization for vendor, supplier, service provider and contractor employees that are not authorized a Common Access Card.

Utilizing Eid Passport's patented program, employees who register for the program and successfully pass the background screening receive streamlined access to Naval Air Station Lemoore. Enforcement of the RAPIDGate Program is scheduled to begin on Nov. 1. To prepare for enforcement in a timely manner, companies are being encouraged to enroll and register their employees immediately.

“Naval Air Station Lemoore is a welcome addition to our list of RAPIDGate Customers,” said Eid Passport CEO, Steve Larson. “As the Navy's largest master jet air station, thorough security measures are highly important to protecting this installation and we are happy Naval Air Station Lemoore has chosen the RAPIDGate Program as the solution to their access control needs.”
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