ST Electronics Awarded $24 Million Contract for Singapore Civil Defence Force

ST Electronics and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), announced ST Electronics has been awarded a contract worth about US$24 million by the SCDF to transform the emergency call-taking and dispatch system in its Operations Centre (Ops Centre) into a new generation command and control system called Advanced C3' Emergency System (ACES). Work on the project begins immediately and is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2012. The contract is awarded to ST Electronics' wholly-owned subsidiary, ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems).

ACES will employ the latest technologies to enhance the SCDF's effectiveness and responsiveness in its rescue operations. In addition to being able to make voice calls to the existing 995 service, the public will be able to make 3-G video calls to the Ops Centre around the clock. These modes of communications enhance public accessibility to the SCDF in times of emergency.

ACES also allows real-time video transmission from on-site responders so as to give a better situational picture to officers at the Ops Centre. These officers will then be able to make faster and more accurate decisions based on the “live” information they receive from the ground.

The officers-at-scene will be able to collaborate and communicate with the Ops Centre instantaneously through high speed wireless broadband technology. The Ops Centre can provide the officers-at-scene with access to critical support information, such as floor plans and the existence of potentially dangerous substances on the premises.

The design of the SCDF Ops Centre is based on an Industry Standard, Open Architecture framework that is upgrade friendly. It offers the SCDF a greater flexibility in leveraging information and services within the existing systems and allows it to keep pace with rapid advancement in ICT and digital multimedia technologies.

Peter Lim, Commissioner, SCDF, said, “SCDF is always exploring new ways to improve our services to the public. By harnessing new technologies, it allows us to increase our efficiency and effectiveness in responding to emergency 995 calls. The next generation command and control system is a new milestone towards enhancing our 995 hotline call management and resource deployment system.”

Fook Sun Lee, President of ST Electronics, said, “Singapore is at the forefront of ICT implementation in mission critical solutions. As the leading Singapore-based ICT solutions provider, ST Electronics employs a wide range of advanced technologies, in-house products and expertise to design and deliver highly secured, mission critical solutions. These solutions are aimed at providing more efficient, user-friendly and secure e-services to the public sector.”
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