Hallbergmoos High School Fitted with Bosch Security

  • Security through video surveillance system, intrusion and fire detection system, access management system as well as emergency sound and clock system

The Hallbergmoos community in Bavaria/Germany set a great example when investing in its new high school. The security system installed at Hallbergmoos high school provides optimum security against intrusion, fire hazards and unauthorized access. As well as the video surveillance system, the solution also includes an intrusion and fire detection system, an access management system, an emergency sound system and a clock system.

The video surveillance system operates with 13 vandal-resistant FlexiDome cameras and a Dibos-8 recorder. The system monitors and records events at entrance zones, emergency exits and in the corridors within the building.

The NZ 300 Intrusion Alarm System uses magnetic and bolt contacts to monitor the perimeters of the school building. If an alarm is triggered, the community's monitoring station receives a message and the Dibos-8 recording system stores the video images.

The community benefits from the access management system, which features an access control panel, 65 mechatronic offline brackets, proximity tokens in the form of a keyfob and eight vandal-resistant readers outside the building. The system only grants access to authorized parties: the building is opened to students at the start of classes, while teachers and other personnel gain access using their proximity token keys.

Outside school hours, an instructor giving pottery class as part of the adult education courses held at the site, for example, can only enter or leave the building via the main entrance between 6 and 9 pm on the days these classes are held, and will only be granted access to their particular classroom. The proximity tokens can be encoded in various ways, making key management significantly easier. In addition, the access control system enables considerable medium and long-term cost savings compared with the conventional locking systems: the replacement of cylinders due to damage or to keys being lost or finding their way into the hands of unauthorized parties is no longer an issue.

An FPA-5000 Fire Panel from Bosch with 110 automatic fire detectors and 15 fire detection controls ensure comprehensive fire protection throughout the school. The system also controls the emergency sound equipment in the event of an alarm. Under normal operating circumstances, the Plena Voice Alarm electroacoustics are used to ring the bell for recess and for transmitting announcements. There are 120 loudspeakers in total, spread over 14 public address zones; this allows announcements to be restricted to individual areas if necessary. To ensure class times are strictly regulated, Hallbergmoos high school uses a Bosch BoLine clock system in combination with 32 slave clocks and one RF timer.

All of the subsystems in the security solution have been keeping the school running smoothly and securely. Andreas Niederreiter, from the Hallbergmoos community, said, "So far we are extremely satisfied and will definitely bear this system in mind for future construction projects."
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