TSA Announces $3.6 Million for Surveillance at Dallas Love Field Airport

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced an award of about US$3.6 million to Dallas Love Field Airport for the installation of video surveillance technology — designed to assist TSA's efforts to strengthen security at airports. The funding allows for installation of new cameras throughout the airport.

"Closed circuit TV (CCTV) reinforces TSA's layers of security by helping us resolve security threats and prevent hostile activity in the aviation environment," said TSA Federal Security Director, Mike Restovich. "The addition of new CCTV cameras is an excellent use of technology to improve our security efforts at Dallas Love Field."

The $3.6 million award, derived from fiscal 2009 funds, will enhance systems already in place at Dallas Love Field Airport. Video surveillance systems are an integral part of TSA and airport security operations, providing a high level of threat detection and enhancing emergency response and risk mitigation.

"The new surveillance system will significantly enhance the existing video security surveillance capabilities at Love Field and will allow us to provide a more secure environment to the flying public," said Dan Weber, Director of Aviation for the City of Dallas.

Video surveillance technology is used at hundreds of airports across the country, and TSA has collaborated to expand these sophisticated and integrated security networks to increase safety for airport facilities and employees. TSA also recently announced a $6 million award for additional video surveillance technology and upgrades at DFW International Airport.
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