Jordanian Bank Deploys Iris Recognition

Cairo Amman Bank awarded a contract to IrisGuard to provide a comprehensive, turnkey iris biometric identification management system for Cairo Amman Bank's IT platform. The new IrisGuard iBank Suite will be used to authenticate banking transactions for all the bank's customers.

Cairo Amman Bank is the fastest growing retail bank in Jordan. The bank will be the first bank in Jordan to deploy IrisGuard iBank Suite iris cameras at all branches in Jordan and Palestine. Cairo Amman Bank currently has more than 70 branches throughout the region. All Teller and Customer Services desks will be fully equipped with the IrisGuard IG-AD100 iris cameras.

IrisGuard iBank Suite incorporates novel identity security techniques such as digital certificates, digital nounces and encryption to provide data integrity and privacy of biometric data transmitted across the network. IrisGuard iBank Suite is based on its Iris Farm Architecture, which has been operating worldwide since 2001.

Current banking system authentication methods using PIN codes and passwords are no longer considered as high-level security measure. “There is an urgent necessity to provide nonreputable authentication solutions into the world's banking system today,” said Imad Malhas, CEO of IrisGuard..

Banks worldwide have recognized the importance of IrisGuard's iBank Suite technology to retain their competitiveness advantage and customer loyalty in the rapidly changing business environment. Most importantly, the need to establish and maintain customer trust, enhanced service by using the iBank Suite fraud prevention measures within the banking applications.

“Our customers overwhelmingly love the new identification innovative approach, our customers preferred means of payment is now through iris recognition in particular at the ATMs and Teller/Customer Service Desks with speedy withdrawals, security, payment guarantee and customer service,” said Kamal Al-Bakri, GM, Cairo Amman Bank.

Later this year, IrisGuard's authentication suite will be extended to customer internet online-banking services and employee time and attendance. Additionally all 190 ATMs units deployed at Cairo Amman Bank branches throughout Jordan will be equipped with the Dual Eye IG-AD100 Iris Cameras with enhanced user interface, providing greater user security, usability, accountability, accuracy and low operational cost.
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