AMAG and Entrance Controls Partner to Secure Parking Structure and Office Buildnig at PDX

AMAG and Entrance Controls Partner to Secure Parking Structure and Office Buildnig at PDX
AMAG Technology and Entrance Controls will partner to provide a security management solution for Portland International Airport's (PDX) brand new parking structure and office building. Port of Portland will install a Symmetry Homeland Security edition system in the new structure which will consist of seven stories of parking space with an additional three top stories of Port office space. The new parking structure will triple PDX's long-term parking capacity.

Approximately 70 cards readers will be installed throughout the complex including on the parking structure entrance gates.

"Entrance Controls introduced us to the symmetry security management solution 20 years ago, and the scalable security system is still providing security for us today," said John M. Dean, Senior Manager Aviation Security, Portland International Airport. "The security solution along with the support we receive from Entrance Controls will provide a solution that will continue to grow with us over the years."

"The top three floors of the new parking garage will house the new Port office area and be starting the Port into the Symmetry Homeland Security software and hardware. We are part of a construction team that has done many additions to the airport and we are looking forward to this project," said Craig Ehrich, PDX Project Engineer for Entrance Controls. "The Port has been and will continue to be a very important customer with demanding and sometimes challenging security needs."
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