Cognitec Partners With Adobe for Facial Recognition

Cognitec Systems Corporation announced it will deploy its face recognition technology in Adobe's consumer digital imaging and digital video editing software. The collaborative effort will focus on the Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements products. This arrangement represents Cognitec's measured foray into the significant global consumer retail business; a business segment of great importance to Cognitec's objectives. Through the collaboration with Cognitec, Adobe gains access to Cognitec's proprietary, world-class, FaceVACS face recognition technology for potential use in enhancing its consumer product offerings.

Cognitec and Adobe believe that the pairing of their combined technologies in a consumer product environment should greatly enhance the functionality of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software and address the growing consumer demand for improved face-matching or finding capabilities within the market.

“Our collaboration with Adobe marks Cognitec's presence in the important, mass market consumer products segment through a proven, widely-accepted, technology platform,” said Alfredo Herrera, Cognitec's MD. “We are delighted that this broad market introduction will be conducted through Adobe's well-established and renowned consumer product lineup. We are confident that the convergence of our companies' highly-successful technology platforms will enhance utilization and market acceptance for Adobe's already thriving consumer products. Moreover, Adobe's selection of our technology to enhance functionality for certain of its products again demonstrates our robust technology and leadership position within the face recognition market, as well as validates our capability to deliver superior products through world-class R&D capabilities.”

"The addition of Cognitec's face recognition technology to the latest versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software further demonstrates Adobe's ongoing commitment to deliver innovation and image intelligence that enhances review and sorting capabilities for digital photos and videos,” said Jim Mohan, Director of Product Management for Consumer Products at Adobe. “We believe Cognitec technology will help us deliver the most reliable and effective face recognition functionality to our customers who will benefit from the software identifying the faces of friends and family within the Organizer.”
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