Vicon Monitors New Jersey DMV Vehicle Inspection Stations

Vicon Monitors New Jersey DMV Vehicle Inspection Stations
Vicon Industries, a designer and producer of integrated IP video surveillance and access control systems, has been chosen to provide IP video surveillance systems at all 33 New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) locations. The Vicon systems monitor and record activity that occurs within the drive-through vehicle inspection stations that are a part of each DMV location. Each drive-through is outfitted with multiple Vicon network cameras located along the length of each lane within the inspection station and an NVR running ViconNet VMS. The cameras provide video feed to the NVR, which allows security operators to remotely view and control each camera as well as search and playback recorded video on demand. A combination of fixed and PTZ camera domes are used along each lane, allowing operators to zoom in and focus on any curious situations or activities that require attention.

The ViconNet systems are used to protect employees from false charges that damage or theft may have occurred during the inspection process, as well as to verify when illegal or improper activities actually do happen, including during hours when the DMV stations are closed.

New Jersey requires routine inspection of all vehicles registered within the state in order to ensure that their emissions are not exceeding national health standards. New vehicles must be inspected after four years; all others must be inspected every two years.
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