IDTECK Secures Vietnam Post and Telecommunication

IDTECK Secures Vietnam Post and Telecommunication

Vietnam Post and Telecommunication
Owned and operated by the Vietnamese government, Vietnam Post and Telecommunication (VNPT) holds the largest nationwide communication infrastructure in the country of Vietnam. As one of the dominant Vietnam telecommunication service provider with largest market shares, VNPT provides various services such as wired telephone services, mobile services, internet services and many more.

With 20 years of expertise in the security industry, IDTECK provides a wide range of management solution, which enables compatibility with other existing systems in the building to live up to the requirements for customers all around the world. Among IDTECK's product supplies, iTDC, 2-to-4-door control panel and its management software, STARWATCH iTDC Pro II guarantee not only access control and time and attendance management features, but also include an extensive real-time monitoring of visitor management, personal tracking, elevator control, parking management and many more countless applications. In addition, data export function allows easy system integration with existing IBS and other H&R programs to maximize the user convenience.

Great Success and Great Result
TECHPRO, IDTECK's exclusive distributor in Vietnam, has furnished the total security system at the constructed VNPT site building. For this 25-story tower, all the security devices and software used in this project were from IDTECK, which increased performance as well as flexibility of the system.

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